What is Vivatap?

Vivatap® is a unique, easy-to-use product that quickly and effectively improves the taste and quality of drinking water. Vivatap® water purifying sachets work on an absorption process, using one of the oceans oldest organisms, coral algae. Vivatap® ingredients come from the deep untouched waters of the Arctic Sea of Norway – one of the world’s purest areas. These ingredients are packed in tiny sachets, which you put into your water. The active substances in it, which are 100% natural, can turn your tap water into fresher, more healthy drinking water in just 5 minutes.

The Vivatap sachets contain coral algae from the Arctic Sea off Norway. The algae feeds off coral before falling to the sea bed, where the vegetable matter disintegrates, leaving coral skeletons, which are harvested. The process is totally environmentally friendly.

Ingredients: Coral algae (Corallina), powder of crushed shells, antioxidant preparation (calcium ascorbate, acerola powder, rose hip powder, rutin, lemon oil), chitosan (from shrimps and shellfish).

More about what vivatap contains:  

The coral algae (corallina) is the main ingredient in the water enhancement product Vivatap. The coral algae add many vital minerals to the water, including magnesium and calcium. The raw material in Vivatap is shell of the algae, which has accumulated over thousands of years. 

Chitosan is a product that is refined by the shell of various shellfish in the sea, such as crabs, shrimp and lobster. It is well known that chitosan has great ability to attract impurities in water, and there are some waterworks that use chitosan for water purification. Chitosan is also included in vivatap. 

Calcium ascorbate is a weakly basic vitamin C that helps to remove chlorine from chlorinated drinking water and also has an effect on the pH of many types of water. The calcium ascorbate is included in the vivatap mixture with coral algae and chitosan .