You have read about what Vivatap® evidentially does to drinking water and you have realized that the quality of the water most of us drink is not as good as we like to believe. It is very important that the water we drink is not polluted, have high levels of minerals and optimal pH value, for our good health. It is easy to understand that Vivatap® in the water also have a significant health giving effects.
The functionality of the human body depends on the continuous supply of fresh water rich in minerals. We know that the water we drink finds its way to every cell of the body. It enhances your intake of oxygen, removes waste and cleans toxic substances, helps for better absorption of nutrients and supplements, hydrates… Benefits of such behavior of the water are: digestive, nervous and immune system function well, human becomes more energetic and mentally vibrant, with better skin and hair, stronger bones and many more health benefits.

Vivatap® is good for prevent and may treat:
– High blood pressure and high cholesterol
– Diabetes
– Osteoporosis
– Rheumatic pains
– Arthritis
– Kidney stones and urinary tract infection
– Gastritis and stomach ulcer
– Problems with digestive system
– Stomach virus with abdominal pain, diarrhea and exhaustion
– Thyroid gland disease
– Menstrual problems
– Migraine, headaches and dizziness
– Depression
– Asthma
– Problems with allergies
– Prevents many other diseases even reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack
– Increases immunity
– Regulates the metabolism
– Psoriasis and different skin problems – read more