Conversation Starter: Where Does Plastic Come From?

Find out why plastic is bad for the environment, and find ways to use less plastic in your everyday life.S

Because they’re lightweight, easily molded into shapes or dyed into colors, and strong, plastics are a good choice for lots of different needs. They also last a long time and are less likely than many other materials to corrode (weaken) when they come into contact with certain substances.

Colorful Plastic Bags

Plastic is all around us! We often think of plastics as containers like drink bottles, yogurt cups, or soap dispensers. But many more things are made with plastic, too! Most computers use plastic, furniture pieces like chairs are often made from plastic, and even lots of cars are made with plastic! 

Plastic is a man-made product that doesn’t occur naturally on its own. Almost all plastics are made from oil by a special procedure that changes the oil’s carbon. Carbon is an element and oil naturally has lots of them. (Even though they’re too small for you to see.)

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