Psoriasis and different skin problems – Olaf Martin Skjulstad – Total new situation with Vivatap®

Olaf Martin Skjulstad has got a new life after 2004, when he was a participant in a research project that introduced him to Vivatap®. A group of 12 psoriasis patients in 2004, where in a pilot project from the general practitioner and researcher Bjorn Overbye. The purpose of the project was to see what kind of effect water treated with Vivatap® can have on people with this type of chronic ailments.

In August 2008 – three years after the project was completed – we have contacted one of the subjects, Olaf Martin Skjulstad. He says that his life has become very different after his body went through this cleansing. Skjulstad was not only afflicted with psoriasis, he had also lived with chronic stomach problems for over ten years. Each night he had to go to the toilet for several times, and quality of his life was significantly impaired due to these persistent problems. After he started drinking Vivatap® water, he says that it feels like the whole system has been cleaned. Stomach problems are gone, psoriasis is disappearing and even his hair grows back. As Skjulstad puts it: “It is no exaggeration to say that I have a new life.”