Excerpt of dr. Joseph M. Price’s

research report “Coronaris, Cholestrol, Chlorine”

As early as in 1967 the American doctor Joseph M. Price reported that neither high cholesterol level or fatty diets necessarily result in an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Price pointed at the fact that British diets in the latter part of the 19th century had high contents of fat, and still cardiovascular diseases were rare. But it was not until the British authorities and the authorities in several other European countries decided to chlorinate drinking water that the problem with cardiovascular diseases increased. Dr. Price discovered that cardiovascular diseases are practically non-existent in countries and regions where drinking water is not chlorinated.

From his own country, the USA, he found that people in the village Roseto, who had fresh, chlorine free drinking water from nearby lakes, first experienced the problem with cardiovascular diseases when they moved to nearby cities where water was chlorinated.

To scientifically prove his theory that chlorinating drinking water does not exclusively have positive effects (chlorine in drinking water has reduced the number of epidemic diseases to a minimum), dr. Price decided to use cockerels in his tests, as they appeared to be the most relevant species for these tests. 100 cockerels were chosen for the tests. 50 of them were given distilled water with one third of a teaspoon of chlorine added per litre. The water was also added to the food. The rest of the cockerels were given distilled water without chlorine for drinking water and in their food.

These were the results after 3 weeks:

The 50 cockerels which were given chlorinated, distilled water were behaving abnormally, did not grow much, and they looked dirty, sluggish and unhealthy. The 50 cockerels which were given clean water were larger and cleaner, they behaved in a normal manner, and were of good overall health. After a few months, most of the cockerels which were given chlorinated water had died or were dying. During examination of the dead cockerels, severe calcifications were found in the blood vessels of 95 per cent of them, particularly in aorta. A third of the cockerels which had been given chlorine free water were examined, but no traces of any abnormality were found in any of them.

To be sure, dr. Price divided the rest of the group which had been given chlorine free water into two groups. One of the groups were given distilled, chlorinated water like the first group, and the rest were given chlorine free water. The result was the same, with the cockerels which were given chlorinated water looking dirty, unhealthy and behaving abnormally after three weeks. The group that was given chlorine free water did not change. Again the cockerels which were given chlorinated water were dead or dying after a few months. And again severe calcifications were found in the blood vessels and particularly in aorta during examinations.

Dr. Price’s pioneer discoveries were published at the end of the 1960’s. In a letter sent to dr. Price on January 1987, toxicologist J. Peter Berez says that his research also proves that chlorinated drinking water causes calcification, resulting in cerebral haemorrhage and cardiac infarction. (J. P. Berez is Dr. Ph. and works at USEPA, the US Environmental authorities.)

From this the question of whether chlorine can be removed from tap water arises.

Is it sufficient to boil the water?

According to tests done by the food control authorities, you only remove free chlorine, and not the bound chlorine, which appears to be most harmful. If it has been some time since the water source was chlorinated, much of the free chlorine will disappear anyway.

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